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Drug Rehab

There are several steps to beating a drug addiction, starting with a drug detox and proceeding to addiction counseling. Trying to break free of addiction by yourself is possible, but it can be extremely difficult to change your psychological and physical habits on your own. Drug rehab centers remove factors that can lead to a relapse, such as a negative environment or access to drugs, and instead provide constant support, medical assistance, and opportunities to speak with a counselor when necessary. We are dedicated to connecting our clients with cost-effective, professional drug rehab facilities across the country that help people succeed in their battles against addiction.

The Basics of Drug Rehab

Drug rehab facilities are dedicated to guiding and supporting their clients toward successful addiction recovery. This typically includes detox and withdrawal treatment and supportive addiction counseling. Drug rehab centers may offer inpatient or outpatient care or may be based on alternative rehab programs and can last anywhere from a month to three months or more. An inpatient program is one in which an individual stays at the facility full-time during their recovery. An outpatient program, by contrast, is one that requires an individual to come in regularly for treatment but allows them to remain living at home. There is no single drug rehab program that is perfect for everyone, as different individuals will inevitably have different needs and preferences. Choosing the best program for you means taking the time to learn about the specific operating style of a rehab center and determine if it offers the benefits you want.

The Benefits of Drug Rehab

One of the major benefits of drug rehab centers, particularly for inpatient programs, is the introduction of an environment that encourages recovery. When removed from an unhealthy home or social situation, an addict is free not only to focus on getting well but also to discover why addiction became so appealing and how to avoid that temptation in the future. Another benefit to a drug rehab center is constant access to addiction counseling and a dedicated support system. Trying to quit an addiction at home is a noble undertaking, but addicts may be unable to cope with the physical and mental transition. At drug rehab centers, help is always available. In the case of physical discomfort, highly trained medical professionals will be able to provide safe and comfortable ways to manage withdrawal.

How to Find the Best Drug Rehab Center for You

There are many different rehab centers around the country, and trying to find the right one without assistance can be overwhelming. We work with a nationwide recovery network of traditional and alternative rehab programs,. In rehab, a medically-assisted detox will make sobriety a safe and comfortable experience. After the rehab program ends, we'll assign a committed recovery team near you to provide additional support as the recovery process continues.

Drug rehab centers can be an invaluable resource for someone trying to get sober. Let us help you or a loved one start healing. Call today to find the right rehab center for you.

Drug and/or Alcohol Detox

Long term drug and/or alcohol addiction is extremely dangerous, both on an addict’s physical and mental health. After years, or even months, of substance addiction, an addict will not be able to function physically or mentally due to the chemical dependency. The detox process can be potentially dangerous, especially for addicts suffering from alcohol or benzodiazepine addiction, as it can cause seizures, delirium tremens (DT’s), and even permanent brain damage.

Not only can the detox process be dangerous, but it can be extremely uncomfortable. In fact, many addicts have neglected to seek treatment simply based on the fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Being dope-sick is a universal fear amongst addicts, as it causes many terrible side effects, such as: night sweats, lethargy, excessive shaking, vomiting, pain sensitivity, etc.

This is why medically-assisted detox at an addiction treatment facility is necessary. If someone tries to quit cold turkey, not only could they potentially die, but they can end up in an inevitable relapse once they begin experiencing the dreaded withdrawal symptoms.

This is why medically-assisted detox at an addiction treatment facility is necessary. If someone tries to quit cold turkey, not only could they potentially die, but they can end up in an inevitable relapse once they begin experiencing the dreaded withdrawal symptoms.

How Does Detox Work?

Our network treatment facilities have some of the best licensed medical professionals in the country, whom of which offer 24/7 monitoring of the patient to ensure their safety during the detox process. They monitor the patients’ vital signs, as well as administer specific medications to help ease the withdrawal symptoms so that the patient is comfortable.

Depending on the severity of the addiction and what addictive substances are involved, the detox process can usually last between 3-7 days. The ultimate goal of medically assisted detox is to eliminate the addictive substances from the body so that the addict can transition into their next phase of recovery treatment.

Why is Entering a Drug Detox Center Necessary?

Because of the many dangers involved in detox, it is imperative that addicts seek professional treatment. Addicts simply cannot detox on their own, as it will either lead to their imminent relapse, or worse – their imminent death. This is the main reason why participating in medically-assisted detox at one of our state-of-the-art addiction treatment facilities is necessary.

It’s understandable that addicts are either embarrassed or feel ashamed by their addiction, which is why they often avoid seeking treatment for detox at an addiction treatment facility. We can assure you that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, as you will be safe in the hands of the medical professionals at one of our treatment facilities. It’s also important to take into consideration that when an addict tries to detox on their own, they’re usually still in the same toxic environment where they use drugs or alcohol!

Entering into an addiction treatment facility for drug detox is an addict’s only option to successfully and safely rid their bodies of the drugs or alcohol. Call today to find the right rehab center for you.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and looking for a customized addiction recovery program, you have come to the right place. Our nationwide network of top addiction and dual diagnosis treatment centers in the country can help match you with a program fitting of your individual needs. We know that searching for dual diagnosis treatment can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. There are so many options available and it can be difficult to determine which program is right for you. We work closely with our patients through our prescreening assessment find out which program may offer the best opportunity for addiction recovery. Our highly trained counselors have over 100 years of combined experience in their fields and are happy to find the most cost-effective, safe, and comfortable treatment center to match your goals and preferences.

When patients receive a dual diagnosis, it means they struggle simultaneously with addiction and mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. For many years, these illnesses were treated separately from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Dual diagnosis treatment centers believe that the best way to start healing is to treat both issues at once, understanding that they are interlinked and impact one's overall recovery. This can be difficult, which is why it is imperative to find the best treatment center for each individual patient - there's no one-size-fits-all. It may also take longer than traditional treatment, although this will also vary with each patient. Overall, patients have reported great success with this type of treatment. Call today and let our Client Care Specialists match you with the best individualized treatment plan and addiction treatment center to suit your needs.

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